Dealing With The Positivity Police

Dear healthy friend, Did you know that I struggle every day with being open and honest with you? As your friend, I want to share myself with you and develop an authentic friendship but my life revolves around my autoimmune disease.  Before you are quick to quote some mindless inspirational thought like, "you have it,… Continue reading Dealing With The Positivity Police

Fighting Through Flares, Support

An Open Letter To My Healthy Friends About My “Flare-Up”

An open letter to my healthy friends, When I say flare-up, I think you understand that means my symptoms are worse.  In your health, I don't think you always fully comprehend the impact of what that means for me. Sometimes, I forget that not everyone lives in the world of chronic illness and speaks the… Continue reading An Open Letter To My Healthy Friends About My “Flare-Up”