Natural Aromatherapy for Autoimmune Disease

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers ( network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in now way influenced by the company. ”

My family made a gigantic leap of faith and moved 1600 miles across the country this year. We left the hot, sandy beaches for the seemingly never-ending winters of Wisconsin. During our transition, we decided to rent a house for a year while we wait for our house to sell and take the time to find a home we really love.

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We found a cute little home to rent but guess what, like most house rentals, even after a good cleaning, it smells like the years of previous tenant’s pets and smoke.

Now here is the deal.  I work really hard to limit my exposure to chemicals.  I believe that the more my immune system has to respond, the more of the self-harming bad guys it sends out into my body as well.  That’s why I use as natural a cleaner as I can.  I can eat 80% of the cleaning supplies I use at home without harm.  Have you seen how multi-purposeful vinegar can be!?!?

So the LAST thing I wanted to do was spray a bunch of flower scented chemicals up in the air and call it “clean”.  All that really does is overpower the stench for  and then I spray more and the chemical-laden cycle begins.  Forget that.

Most commercial air fresheners emit toxic amounts of volatile air compounds.  Don’t believe me, look right on the warning label of your cleaners where it says warning, may cause irritation if inhaled.  Now tell me, how do I unload an army of stink-attackers through that spray pump without inhaling any of it?  The truth is, that warning label is there because VOC loaded cleaners are linked to asthma, respiratory, and lung problems.  As an autoimmune mess, I don’t have the time or energy to risk .

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It’s hard enough keeping my body functioning well without breathing in chemical cocktails for my lungs and immune system needs to contend with.  Furthermore, Mr. Autoimmune Mess and our youngest kid have some serious asthma.  Often when I have used the chemical concoctions they call cleaners in the past, they both have experienced difficulties with their asthma.

So here is my quandary…how do I get rid of the years of previous tenants smells embedded in the very surface of our new house without using tons of chemicals?

It was fortuitous that at this precise time I received the Organic Aroma’s essential oil diffuser to review.  Let me tell you if ever there was a good litmus test for Organic Aroma’s Diffuser verses odors, this was it.


It came with a great smelling essential oil blend but as luck would have it my seasonal allergies were turning into a full blown sinus cold and my kids were starting to complain of sore throats. So I made a quick decision to first try the diffuser with my four thieves essential oil blend.  It is loaded with antiviral and antibacterial properties.  The diffuser does not emit any humidity, only the oils into the air.  I poured the oil in, initially thinking, wow, that’s a lot of oil.  I was worried that at the price for essential oils, this would spray a bunch into the air ineffectively and be wasted.  But it didn’t take as much oil as I thought to fill it properly.

I blasted the adjuster all the way to high, I’m really an all or nothing kind of girl, so I figured let’s do this!  Within five minutes Mr. Autoimmune Mess walked in the house and said, are you baking cookies, it smells great.  Yes, it smelled great, and ummmm, no to the cookies although I could have used some that day.  Extra chocolatey ones.  Mmmmm….

The diffuser filled the entire four bedrooms in the two story house with amazing cookie smelling goodness within ten minutes.  I actually had to turn it down because it was getting strong. It smelled fantastic, and the best part, the air was truly being cleaned with antibacterial and antiviral properties within the four thieves essential oils blend.  I honestly believe it stopped the family sharing of a sinus cold.


I have to tell you, I truly love the Organic Aroma’s Diffuser.  It works and they are beautifully made to look great sitting out in my house.  I have since that day played with tons of different oils and smells and have yet to be disappointed in its amazing knack for freshening the air in not only a safe but a healthy way!

In addition to them making my house smell great, there are so many health benefits to essential oils.  I highly encourage you to discover the healing properties of essential oils and which one’s could benefit your autoimmune disease.

I like Rosemary when I’m dealing with lots of brain fog.  I also use lavender to help me sleep on high pain nights or when I start to get stressed.  Stressed is definitely linked to flare ups so this really helps in keeping me well.  Find what works and add it to your self-care plan.  You’ll be glad you did.

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