Fighting Through Flares

Pain’s Nightmare: Mo’s Dream Cream

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers ( network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in now way influenced by the company. ”

I am a thinker over-thinker, so when I received my autoimmune diagnosis, one of the first things that I did was research the heck out of it.  I wanted to understand exactly what was happening in my body so I could understand some basic places to begin helping myself. I learned that when you have an autoimmune disease, your body also sends out self-attackers everytime your immune system has to react to something.  My response to this was to go natural.  And by natural, I mean crazy committed stop-washing-your-hair-with-shampoo natural.

Of course, I cleaned up my diet and switched from my processed paradise found in the center aisles of every grocery store to the whole food plant-based diet my body needed with a heavy focus on eating for nutrition.  I felt better but it still felt like I could be doing more.

I started learning about how your skin is the largest organ in your body and how quickly what we touch gets absorbed into our blood stream.  If I believe that reducing my immune systems need to react to toxins matters, then I can’t be slathering on chemical laden lotions and makeup or cleaning my counters with toxic stuff.  I mean, let’s face it, every time you wipe down the toilet seat with bleach and then plop your rear-end on it, it becomes your lotion.


Interested in how I’ve kept my autoimmune disease well managed naturally?  Research more on toxic chemicals and autoimmune disease here.


Thus began my journey into homemade makeup, face creams, cleaners, anything you can think of.  It really matters to me that I am helping my immune system by not overloading it with toxins and strange chemicals for it to react to.

So when I got the opportunity to review Mo’s Dream Cream I was excited.  Mo’s Dream Cream is a natural pain-relief cream made by Keri Anderson, a chronic pain sufferer down in the trenches of pain and looking to feel better just like us. She spent four years studying apothecary and Chinese Herbology and used that knowledge to create a pain blasting formula that brought her relief.  When you’re on to a good thing people want in and  Mo’s Dream Cream was brought to life.


The cream is an apothecary blend of Orange, Tangerine, Wintergreen, and Clove.  The main ingredient is capsaicin which is made with cayenne peppers.  The blend works by overstimulating the nerves, which naturally deadens the nerve endings.  The results are fast acting pain relief.

My husband uses an over-the-counter capsaicin lotion that I always turn my nose up at because the list of ingredients has no mention of peppers anywhere on it!  What the heck is in it that makes it capsaicin?!?!  So when his osteoarthritis flared up that night I handed him over the Dream Cream Stick and challenged him to compare them.  I used the lotion on my bursitis inflamed hips and then we went to bed waiting for our bodies verdict.


Note that I was so excited to use it I didn’t even get a pretty before-it’s-opened picture!  Proof it has been much needed and well used in our home! 🙂


Within a matter of minutes, I hear him let out a huge sigh of relief.  The pain is gone he tells me in awe!  He wiggles his sore thumb frantically in the dark to prove how good it feels.  I notice that the tightness that seems to constantly pull my hips out of line has started to relax and the pain is edging away.  We have found an addition to our nightly routine and leave Mo’s Dream Cream on our nightstand to use daily.  We like it so much it doesn’t even make it back into the medicine cabinet.

The bottom line is this topical pain reliever actually works.  There is nothing that will ever take away the sum total of chronic pain that autoimmune messes deal with but when it comes to trouble spots and joints this is the pain reliever you want on your side.

Equally as important as the fact that it works, to me, is the fact that it is natural.  You’re not loading your body full of unknown factory made junk that your immune system has no idea what to do with. These natural based ingredients approach the problem in a generally immune-friendly way.

It is made by a fellow chronic-lifer as a personal solution she is sharing with other sufferers, and above all, I believe in supporting our tribe.  Get natural pain relief made by someone who gets what it means to need pain stopped.  Mo’s Dream Cream is a nightmare for pain but a dream come true for me!  You can live the dream too, find it here or check them out on their facebook page.

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