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PillSuite: The Suite Cure For Pill Problems

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers ( network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in now way influenced by the company.”

Chronic illness means dealing with a load of pills a day.

download (33).jpeg


You have

  • your meds
  • your meds that help deal with the side effects of your meds
  • the OTC meds you take, like your NSAIDs
  • your vitamins
  • the herbal wonder of the month you’re hoping will help
  • more vitamins because life is different when you’re chronically sick

Just storing all those bottles at home takes up an entire shelf in my bathroom linen closet.

Now let’s talk about the problems with having to take that show on the road.

At 7-10 pills a day, traveling for a week means I have to bring around 70 pills with me.

I use to do the traditional thing and pop them into little plastic containers with lids, but I quickly discovered a huge problem with that system.  As I moved throughout the day, my purse would get banged around and the lids would sometimes pop off.  To this day, there are mysterious pills floating around in the bottomless abyss of my purse.  These expensive pills spilled into my bag and go unused because they are crushed into useless powder or aren’t recognizable enough to risk an overdose.  What if I’m giving a kid something I thought was an Advil or mint only to find it wasn’t?



I started saving old prescription bottles to use because the lids would stay secure, but walking around with 7 prescription bottles in your bag makes you sound like you are starting the world’s first all maracas band.  I sound like I am performing a maracas solo.  The unwanted attention when my pills clatter around in their bottles is embarrassing and they make my purse heavy!  Try being taken seriously when every step sounds like you’re shaking a baby rattle and you’ll get what I mean.


images (35).jpeg


When the nice folks at offered me the chance to review their pill solution in exchange for my honest opinion of them on AutoimmuneMess, I was excited.


download (31)


Pillsuite is a genius idea to seal your pills into small bags called suites.

My biggest hesitation with this concept was the idea that using multiple small bags would be both harmful to the environment and my wallet.  One of the reasons I loathe Keurig is the fact that with every cup of coffee or tea, you are putting unnecessary waste in a landfill. (French presses were offering single servings for years without the need for plastic and they make a better brew!)  I didn’t want to opt out of the Keurig fad in the name of being green only to start tossing out hundred of tiny plastic bags in its place.

I was absolutely ecstatic when I read that the pill suites are biodegradable.

This was a make or break deal for me and I am so impressed that PillSuite had the foresight and concern to make their bags environmentally friendly.

I was also thrilled when I saw the reasonable rates for suite refills.  There is nothing I hate more than investing in something only to realize that it costs a small fortune to keep it up. A one year supply of the pill suite packets can be reordered right now for around a mere $8!

Once I settled those suspicions I delved into trying to see if this really was going to work.

My sister and I sat around a table filled with medicine bottles and started placing pills in the organizer for making suites.


images (31)


This was incredibly easy.  I had about 4 pills that I wanted to take with breakfast each morning.  We labeled 7 suites with a felt-tipped pen, “AM”.


download (29)


We took the suites and used the really handy feeder slot to slip the pills right inside. Even in the PM packs that I made which held around 6 large pills, they fit with no problem.

Thinking of my awesome readers, as we did this I asked myself, would I be able to use this with severe rheumatoid arthritis in my hands?  I put on a thick pair of mittens and still had no problem rotating the pill organizer or using it to put the pills in a suite.  The suites might be a bit tricky to open but I think overall, it very arthritis friendly.

I was starting to get really excited this just might work!



You just slide the open end into the machine and hold down the button until the red light goes off and walaah….


download (32)


You end up with this totally managable, perfectly sealed little package of pills!

Honestly, it was so easy. My sister, who is an RN, was so impressed she immediately started making a Christmas list of people who would love this.  It took us about 10 minutes to make a weeks worth of AM and PM pill packets for me.

Now comes the ultimate test!  I threw the packets in my purse and left them to survive for themselves for a few days.  I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  Every suite remained intact.  The best part is, my purse felt significantly lighter, which is a big deal when debilitating fatigue is an issue!

They are easy to open and it makes taking my meds less of a hassle.  PillSuite has found a life-long customer in me.


download (27)


The PillSuite is worth it.  If you have been having the same pill problems and are wondering if such an investment can actually cure them, this one does.  It even comes with batteries.  I would highly recommend this product and I am on board with my sister in saying that it makes a great gift.

For more information about how the PillSuite works check out this video, or to order, visit



And those old plastic pill containers?  I use them to organize my jewelry now.  They stink for pills but they’re great for throwing earrings into!

download (34).jpeg

Disclaimer: provided me with their product to review in exchange for my honest opinion on AutoimmuneMess.  All opinions are my own.  I would never recommend a product that I didn’t believe would benefit the chronic illness community.



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