Drained.  Exhausted.  Debilitating fatigue.  Aching. Hurting.  Rash.

Spend a few hours walking around Walmart, waiting in a hospital, or in most other large public buildings when you have photosensitivity and you will feel that way too.

That is because most of these buildings are still using incandescent light bulbs that emit UV rays.  UV rays trigger symptoms in conditions that are photosensitive such as lupus.

Photosensitivity is when symptoms of a disease are aggravated by sunlight, or more specifically, by the UV rays the sun emits.

Learn more about photosensitivity here.

Despite the fact that fluorescent lights cause problems for people suffering from photosensitivity and that we know LED lights are better for the environment, there has been a slow transition to them within large buildings.  This is mostly because the price of LED’s is still expensive compared to cheap fluorescents.

It is also because many people remain unaware of the harmful effects that UV emitting fluorescent have on lupus patients.


Let’s help those who suffer from lupus or other photosensitive conditions by sounding the call:  LED’s for LUPUS!

Tweet, post, or scream:

Say YES to LED’s for LUPUS


If you or someone you love, has lupus or any other photosensitive condition, then let’s make a difference for them.



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