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Bet You Didn’t Know THIS About Autoimmune Mess

I thought I would share this article I published over on PatientWorthy.com for my followers.  It is my personal story of how I learned how to be a patient advocate.  It is a story of loss and heartache, and overcoming great odds to have the single greatest moment of my life.  Hope you enjoy it.

Being A Bad Patient Saved My Life

Part 2

Part 3


5 thoughts on “Bet You Didn’t Know THIS About Autoimmune Mess”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your deeply personal story. Even though my problems are not centered around pregnancy, I could relate to so much of your experience. I have had a debilitating illness for nearly seven years that was a huge mystery, resulted in me seeing 46 doctors and told by 38 of those to go away and never come back, and was just finally diagnosed last weekend. I was a pain in the butt. I carried hundreds of pages of info with me to every appointment. I had all of my brain surgery dates memorized and used medical terminology, which made some of them perk up and take notice. We ARE our own best advocates! We ARE capable of understanding complex concepts.


  2. This made me sad, angry, frustrated, sad again, then happy and hopeful and finally joyous and even proud! What an incredible thing to go through Nikole, and I am so happy you were able to do what you did, were eventually listened to and ended up with the best Christmas present ever. I have always been involved in my own health and tried to gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible – as you said it is important to hold ourselves to a high standard as well as the medical field. Thank you for sharing and thank you for showing the importance of and redefining being a “bad” patient 🙂


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