NaturaCure Heat Therapy Mitts: Why They Should Be On Your Holiday Wish List

Several weeks ago the NatraCure Company contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their Arthritis Mittens.  I was really excited to give them a try because I am all about finding out ways to make the spoonie life a bit easier.  The NatraCure representative was super nice and I had them within two days.


I have to admit it really took me a while to finally write this review because I wanted to truly put this product to the test before I would recommend that anyone spends their hard earned money on it.  There are so many crazy remedies people peddle to spoonies desperate for relief, that I had to really believe the NatraCure Company and products were worth my time and money before I would recommend you to offer them yours.

All of that being said, I can confidently say both the NatraCure Company and the Arthritis Mittens they sent me to review are worth their weight in gold, especially since the Arthritis Mittens are extremely affordable at only $19.99.

I have some arthritis in my hands but most of it is in my hips, shoulders, and feet.  When the arthritis mitts first arrived I really wasn’t experiencing any pain and wondered how I was going to really know how well they worked in that case.  Fortunately, I had a trip to visit family planned.  I packed up my kids, my car, and my arthritis mittens and headed out.

Once I arrived at my families house I gave the mittens their first whirl.  I popped them in the microwave for the recommended time and slipped them over my hands.



I really couldn’t believe how great they felt.  I have used microwavable heating pads and the like before and was fully expecting to find the usual hot spots that burn like crazy and the quick loss of heat that keeps you standing next to the microwave the entire time you use them.  The arthritis mitts were consistently warm throughout and to my surprise stayed warm for a very long time.  The really neat part is that the mittens have a hot and cold indicator on them that lets you know exactly where the temperature is so you don’t have to deal with the scalding effects of not being sure before you put your hands in them.


The insides of the mittens are coated with their smartgel pain relief formula and I have to tell you, it felt great.  My hands felt smooth and moisturized like after a nice paraffin wax.  I was totally impressed, but I really wasn’t in pain and didn’t feel like I could honestly say they did what they are intended to do, relieve pain.


So I passed the mittens onto my dad, who has bad arthritis in his hands. He also has massive hands that are usually swollen from arthritis.  I’m not kidding, they are huge, like the incredible hulks.  He usually can’t wear gloves because he has a hard time fitting into them and I wondered if he would be able to use the mittens.  The mittens fit, which was awesome because he LOVED them.  For the rest of the night, he walked around wearing those nice, warm mittens.  He said it made his hands feel better than they had in a long time.


I was glad he liked them but I felt that I needed an ultimate test.  My favorite aunt has severe arthritis in her hands and I wanted to A. do something nice for her and B. give these mittens a real litmus test, so I gave her the gloves.

That weekend she really gave them a good chance to prove themselves. She spent the weekend hanging Christmas lights and decorations outside of her beautiful home in the frigid temperatures of the season.  Afterwards, she called me and let me know that she was able to get so much of the work done because of the relief the mittens brought her. After doing all that work she would come in afterward and use the mittens.  She said that they made her hands feel so good and that she would have gladly bought them for the relief they gave her.

images (1).jpeg

I was glad to hear that and after some probing she did say that they didn’t make her completely pain-free, but they really diminished the level of pain she was having.  To me, that is a win.

NatraCure Arthritis Mittens are a great help to those who suffer from pain in their hands.  They also make a fantastic gift!  And if like me, you or your loved ones suffer from pain in a different area beside your hands they offer an entire line of products that meet those needs.

So if you are looking for something nice to slip under the tree for your loved one or even to treat yourself this holiday season…I recommend NatraCure’s Arthritis Mitts.  You can find them here as well as other great NatraCure products.


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