10 Blogs You Should Be Reading If You Have An Autoimmune Disease

Information and community are key for people who are autoimmune messes.  We need information to help us understand and deal with our autoimmune problems as well as community and connection to help us through them.  The following ten blogs, in random order, are where I believe every autoimmune mess can find that.

1. Molly’s Fund Blog

The Molly’s Fund Blog focuses primarily on Lupus but it provides excellent resources for dealing with symptoms that run across a broad spectrum of autoimmune diseases.  For kicks, you can even check out Molly’s personal blog.

2. The Autoimmunity Blog

The Orgentec Autoimmunity Blog provides up to date information about the research taking place on autoimmunity.  For the newest medical advances and information emerging about your autoimmune disease, you’re going to want to follow this blog.

3. My Foggy Brain

Tamiko, the blogger behind the brilliance, consistently writes honest, relatable posts about her struggle with fibromyalgia, depression, and ADD.  She makes you feel like sitting down with her over a cup of tea for a bit of laughter and release from the autoimmune mess you are.

4. Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson blogs a spectrum of information about her battle with Hashimoto’s Disease, the link between diet and autoimmune disease (particularly sugar’s impact on your health), and even her passion for biking.

5. Sjogren’s Blog

The Sjogren’s Blog is a must for anyone suffering from Sjogren’s or similar symptoms to Sjogren’s such as dry eyes or mouth.  It provides very informative content about Sjogren’s as well as well as being entirely practical with great tips and tricks for dealing with symptoms.

6. Autoimmune Gal

Autoimmune Gal is a great place to relate to the real life events that become a part of you when you turn into an autoimmune mess.  She offers witty insights into the daily lives of autoimmune messes that will make you laugh, cry, and feel connected to someone who gets you.

7. Undiagnosed Warrior

The undiagnosed warrior blog is always posting well-rounded packages of information concerning invisible illness, chronic conditions, and getting help being diagnosed.  Not only is the blog useful for keeping you up to date on autoimmune mess concerns but it is always well written.  This is a place for every person battling chronic illness or needing a diagnosis to come together.

8. Stomalicious

If you have any sort of stomach issues as part of your autoimmune mess, and let’s face it who among us doesn’t, this is the blog for you.  Laura blogs about her journey with inflammatory bowel disease and stoma in a way that takes the stigma off of those hush-hush tummy troubles.  She shares her stoma pride to campaign for IBD and make the rest of us feel less awkward dealing with our own belly issues.

9. Indisposed and Undiagnosed

Sometimes, when the autoimmune mess seems to be getting the best of you, you need someone that understands your hurts and sorrow.  Indisposed and Undiagnosed is the place I go when I need someone to cry with.  Not only does she bring us the reality of some of the suffering involved in invisible, chronic diseases, but she also writes with the beauty and flair to be admired by any wordsmith.  Check out her poetry and enjoy how she crafts some of our common sufferings into a thing of beauty.

10. Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama offers tons of recipes, homemade products, and information to help fight the autoimmune mess.  She also battles Hashimoto’s disease and posts information on some of the practical things she has done to help her autoimmune mess. Katie is real about her experience with autoimmune disease and constantly offering helpful ideas to incorporate into our health-conscious lifestyle.

There are lots of awesome blogs out there that help us through our autoimmune mess.  What blogs would you add to this list or recommend?


4 thoughts on “10 Blogs You Should Be Reading If You Have An Autoimmune Disease”

  1. Thank you so much for including Stoma-licious in your top 10 Nikole 😊

    I’m really enjoying following Autoimmune Mess and will definitely be checking out the other blogs on your list!!

    Together we make a united front and can make a difference!!


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