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Invisible Illness Awareness Week Count Down

7 Ways to Support a Loved One With Invisible Illness

We are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and to celebrate we are counting down the top seven things you can do to support a loved one with an invisible illness.  The ever-terrific #2…

If you love someone with an invisible illness then they should never have to feel like they are fighting alone.  There is an entire world of people who do not see their illness, and make their assumptions and judgements against them based on that.  Let your loved one know that they can count on your support to stand up for them.  Stand up against short-sighted opinions and comments by standing by your loved one when they face them.  Don’t tolerate misconceptions or well-intended insults directed at those who are battling invisible illnesses.  Kindly take opportunities to educate and advocate for your loved one when they arise.  To truly support a loved ones fight with invisible illness you also have to support their fight against the misconceptions of invisible illness.  To show your support for your loved ones #invisiblefight stand by them.


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