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Invisible Illness Awareness Week Count Down

7 Ways to Support a Loved One With Invisible Illness

We are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and to celebrate we are counting down the top seven things you can do to support a loved one with invisible illness.  The fabulous #5 is…

When you have an invisible illness or chronic pain, you are already dealing with a ton of emotional side effects.  The last thing we need is our support group offering shallow platitudes or unthoughtful comments about our illness.  Asking us if we finally feel better yet, telling us we just need to change something to get better, or saying that we don’t look sick all trivializes and demeans the massive battle we are fighting with invisible illness.  If you want to support the invisible illness warrior be thoughtful about what you say to them.  Offer helpful comments like, you are brave for handling this as well as you do, or your attitude has been great throughout this, or it must be difficult to face this every day, I’m here for you.  Thoughtful words go a long way to show your loved one facing an invisible illness that you are sensitive to their struggle and support them.  Show your support for the #invisiblefight today by being thoughtful about what you say.


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