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Invisible Illness Awareness Week Count Down

7 Ways to Support a Loved One With Invisible Illness

We are excitedly anticipating the arrival of Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and to celebrate we are counting down the top seven things you can do to support a loved one with an invisible illness.  Starting the final week count down at #7 is…


So often people suffering from invisible illnesses are afraid to be honest about how they are really feeling.  Instead of answering truthfully, we have learned to smile and say just fine.  Sometimes its easier to let people believe that we are okay than it is to convince them that we are not.  Other times we feel bad about worrying our loved ones with the truth of how bad it is and hold back.  Whatever the reason, your invisibly ill loved one needs people that they can be honest with about how they are actually feeling.  Be that person by taking the time to talk with them about it in a way that is genuine and open.  Be a safe place by using good listening skills and having a kind heart.  Don’t let them carry the gravity of their illness all alone, show your support to your beloved invisible illness warrior today!



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